[H] Live TV and VOD. Great EPG, Amazing Sports Collection, Well Sorted, 24/7 & XXX. Responsive Support, Great Value. [W] PayPal/CC

2021.12.01 05:26 mdlacey85 [H] Live TV and VOD. Great EPG, Amazing Sports Collection, Well Sorted, 24/7 & XXX. Responsive Support, Great Value. [W] PayPal/CC

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2021.12.01 05:26 Pawgobssesed Fighting the good fight

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2021.12.01 05:26 savetheunborn Where to buy spore?

Sorry, I know this has been asked a few times before.
Spore is on sale on Steam and Origin right now. Is it worth waiting to buy the GOG version as I year that's best? I would like to get the steam version as that's where I usually buy all my games but I hear it's not the best. What should I do?
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2021.12.01 05:26 galovics Fallbacks with Spring Cloud Feign

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2021.12.01 05:26 pundcake211 How to display page in modal by mention

Hey, may I ask you something?
Is there a way to display page in a modal when I click on a mention?
I don't want to change pages..
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2021.12.01 05:26 AndyNDYro Paradă cu 1500 de militari, în București - Serviciul de Telecomunicații Speciale defilează pentru prima dată la parada de Ziua Națională a României

Paradă cu 1500 de militari, în București - Serviciul de Telecomunicații Speciale defilează pentru prima dată la parada de Ziua Națională a României submitted by AndyNDYro to 7mediaro [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 05:26 Hangrkelbsh ROSE: Will the Oasis Network Price Jump to $1?

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2021.12.01 05:26 j_okerr How to improve my lineup pls?

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2021.12.01 05:26 habibikebab Reshiram now add me 8550 8820 5084

Reshiram on me now add me 8550 8820 5084
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2021.12.01 05:26 -572_Points Moved from stablebit to unraid

I just moved from a self contained windows box running stablebit to having an unraid box as my NAS.
Used to have sonarr looking at:
now I have an unraid share which is N:Media mapped
Sonarr doesn't see my old mapping to the N drive
Any and all help would be amazing...I've given up on using docker on my unraid build...so I am now using my old windows server to handle the sonarradaretc to download to my server... what can i do to change just the maps... I have multiple Anime, TV, Foreign, folders.... and im now desperate to not have to rebuild the whole thing.
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2021.12.01 05:26 Mission_Orange4539 One Piece AU Discord Roleplay (+18) LF Dedicated team members!

Hey all! I am looking to start up a new One Piece RP server on discord! I want to make the experience on the server unique, fun, and rewarding as possible! That being said, I am looking for team members to help construct, manage, and advertise the server. I have ran and managed other anime-based discord servers before and I have noticed that a lot of servers fail due to lack of commitment from the people who staff the servers. I do think that this has a lot to do with all the responsibilities of maintaining a (quality) server and these expectations falling on a small group of people. I want to change that!
I am looking to build a team with each person being assigned to certain category of responsibilities.
The roles I am looking for:

  1. Moderators - People who can moderate the general and roleplay channels. Moderators are essentially responsible for the mute/ban policies and chat disputes.
  2. Systems - People who are responsible for the development and maintenance of systems on the server. Things such as character statistics, rank-up systems, travel systems etc.
  3. GMs - People who are responsible for the lore of the server. They are also responsible for NPC creation and interaction. Finally, they also have the responsibility of managing the RP News board and managing RP events.
  4. Review - People who are responsible for all the custom submissions for people. They will also manage the archives.

Some of the roles might intersect with each other but the idea is that the responsibilities are divided. If you are interested in this project, please join with this link and let me know!
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2021.12.01 05:26 whatwouldbuffydo_ Safety and indifference of police/locals?

I don’t mean to offend any Seattleites with this post as I’m genuinely enjoying my trip to this city and think it’s a very unique place but I have experienced some things in the past few days that I was hoping someone could shed light on.
What exactly do the police do here? In 4 days I have seen police officers on multiple occasions standing 10 feet away from blatant drug deals and drug consumption going on right in front of their faces without batting an eye.
I have also been followed by erratic homeless men two separate times and the second time was particularly scary bc the man followed for me a few blocks and I only first realized it on an almost empty block. There was a woman walking a few feet ahead of me and I sped up to walk near her so I could at least be near another person. I told her about the guy for her own safety too and she had no reaction other than seeming annoyed that I even spoke to her. I’m from NYC and I won’t deny we definitely have our own homeless problems but this is the first time I’ve ever felt genuinely unsafe and also the first time I’ve witnessed such indifference from people. I guess I just wanted some perspective from people who live here because this experience left me feeling quite shaken. Does everyone just ignore these people and pretend they aren’t being erratic and violent? Is there some law that prevents them from being arrested?
I’m no stranger to mentally ill homeless people but at least in NYC there’s a general feeling that someone would help if you were in dangerous situation whereas here I’ve gotten the vibe that people are very in their own bubble and probably wouldn’t stick their neck out to help a stranger. Apologies if this is an incorrect assumption, it’s just the vibe that I got making my way around the city the past few days.
At first I came across the SeattleWA subreddit and assumed it was the main subreddit for Seattle. I was told this subreddit leans in the other direction politically speaking and so I’m cross posting hoping to get a balanced response. I know homelessness is a nuanced issue so I’m not looking to argue about solutions etc. Just wanted to get the perspective of locals.
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2021.12.01 05:26 Digibutter64 100% worth it. She's so cute!

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2021.12.01 05:26 mfein28 Pour one out got Sly fox

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2021.12.01 05:26 Naagshakti_Ka_Waris Atheists of Reddit, What was your significant moment when you realised there's no god/deity. Have you ever been in a situation where nothing else seemed to be working so you had to pray?

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2021.12.01 05:26 BlackHoleEra_123 Indeed.

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2021.12.01 05:26 Vegetable_Wishbone_5 Pyt SHARE

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2021.12.01 05:26 galovics Fallbacks with Spring Cloud Feign

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2021.12.01 05:26 nolandsman1 "Spoiler" interesting fan theory.

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2021.12.01 05:26 profezzorn Fun time helping a stuck sailor yesterday

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2021.12.01 05:26 cloudybean My roommate is not bad. In fact I am glad to live with her. But she does those small things that annoy me so much.

  1. She always leave the dishes in the sink even if there is space in the dishwasher
  2. Somehow she always gets food into the sink drain. I have lived alone before and only had to clean the drain like twice a month but here after 2 days it's full of food (She cleans it but I have to remind her every time)
  3. She leaves the light on the corridor on for the night even if I went to my room before her
  4. She puts her cosmetics down without any order under the shower. I always put them in two lines so it looks neat (she doesn't mind me touching them, I asked) and then she just uses them and puts them down wherever
  5. She always eats in her bed. She makes / orders food when we are together in the living room. Then sits with me till the conversation finishes (the food is usually cold at this point) and then takes it to her bed to eat. Even if I am not home she also eats in bed. She eats breakfast in the living room on weekdays but every other meal she takes to her room. This doesn't affect me in any way but is so weird.
I am aware that those problems are just me being picky (especially 4 & 5) and she is not doing anything wrong I think. But how do you deal with feelings of annoyance caused by things like that?
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2021.12.01 05:26 Ok-Air-1054 Site Sepetim

Web Tasarım
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2021.12.01 05:26 HelicopterFriendly28 Rog live wallpaper [1920x1080]

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2021.12.01 05:26 ctrl-altJ When is it appropriate to use nicknames?

So I am a bit confused on the usage of dimunatives. I always thought that only close friends and family get to call you by your nickname. But I recently came across a singer who calls himself Dima Bilan. So does he just use his nickname to appear less formal or is it some celebrity thing? Also I was watching Operation Y and Shuriks other adv. and in the movie MC's friend introduces the girl as Lida. But they just met so why use the nickname?
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2021.12.01 05:26 CuddeinCay707 4 of tech 8 of tris ! Good score for the end of the month

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