Avoidance or do they kinda suck

2022.01.25 11:54 aloesatan Avoidance or do they kinda suck

I (30F & bi) have been avoidant my whole adult life - in dating and elsewhere. Every relationship I have had has been with someone who is emotionally unavailable and usually a situation where the relationship cannot go anywhere because of surrounding circumstances like relocation. After four years of not dating, I am finally trying again and have been talking to someone met on OLD for a bit now. At first, everything was going really well and they seemed really confident and self-aware. We share a lot of values and interests. They have great open communication and continuously show interest. Nearly two months in, though, I find myself picking out every negative thing I can about them. I honestly cannot tell if these are major red flags or if I am just fixating on anything that can give me reason to avoid. My therapist has said a few times "If it's not a hell yes, then it's a now" but I have this knack for immediately being able to disconnect/detach easily and I fear that I will always find a reason for anyone to not be a hell yes therefore giving me an out to avoid anything real. This person and I haven't met in person yet as we live in different cities but I plan to see them soon. I feel like I need to at least give them the chance of meeting in person.
Some things that have frustrated me:
- Assuming I operate like any other woman and need constant communication, though I made it clear that is not the case with me
- While on the phone, talking for 30 minutes about a boring topic that I was clearly not showing a ton of interest in
- Saying they assumed I wouldn't care about an exciting life update they had

Thoughts or advice? Thanks!
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2022.01.25 11:54 RabbitsAreSmallDogs My (22) sister (Golden Child; 20) told me yesterday she would call this plant store that has cats about if this new litter she said would be born soon, is born yet. She’s trying to claim ownership of MY pet’s name again.

My (22) sister (Golden Child; 20) told me yesterday she would call this plant store that has cats about if this new litter she said would be born soon, is born yet. She’s trying to claim ownership of MY pet’s name again. submitted by RabbitsAreSmallDogs to narcissisticparents [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 11:54 GrievousDmaw When an entire guild transfers and one person gets left behind

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2022.01.25 11:54 DoingWhatYoureDoing Made some cool drift videos plz check out https://youtube.com/channel/UC3dF7tIeJLskRH9eU_6rqgA

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2022.01.25 11:54 JakeFromMontana PsBattle: Vagina with bite marks

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2022.01.25 11:54 Icy_Response6219 Is The Weeknd out of touch ?

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2022.01.25 11:54 melanie_lando21 22 [F] who want to get naughty on snapchat. My snapchat name : melanie_lando21

you can add me there
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2022.01.25 11:54 crytoloover Mana-Solana Kanallar Sağlam Kalmayı Başardı Mı? Tutunacak Destek Noktamız Kaldı Mı?

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2022.01.25 11:54 SufficientCoast6743 2060 12gb MSI Ventus OC nice

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2022.01.25 11:54 omgcefn "Without Green Pass, you can't get a gelato". 88 years old Italian draws his gun.

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2022.01.25 11:54 amkn-wi Abi bir şey dicem

Yakışıklılık ve güzellik aslında hiç önemli değil. Zaten televizyonlarda veya internette gördüğümüz insanlar efekt ve makyaj güzeli/yakışıklısı. Yani iş aslında insanın kendisinde. Ne kadar çirkin olursan ol bakım yaparak, tarzını değiştirerek, vücut yaparak her türlü kendini iyileştirebilirsin. Mesela tipsiz bir erkek misin ? Spor yap, giyimini ve saç şeklini değiştir, biraz bakım yap, çalışıp para kazan ve bitti gerisi senin kişiliğine kalmış. Ya da kadınsan makyaj yap, diyet yap, yine bakım yap ve fiziğini düzelt gerisi yine kişiliğine kalmış.
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2022.01.25 11:54 connsack We appreciate you!

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2022.01.25 11:54 PythonMomma Fun collaborative ideas for black history month?

Art teacher at a private middle/high school here. I’m trying to come up with a creative project to get the kids thinking about black history month. Any thoughts?
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2022.01.25 11:54 DonyellFreak Doritos

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2022.01.25 11:54 v13us0urce How long does the battery still last after the 'low battery' notifications start popping up

I'm using the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed, and I decided I wanted to see how long it would take for the batteries to drain completely. I got the 'low battery' warning notification from Synapse two weeks ago, and it's still going strong. Now I get the notifications every time I wake up my pc, and there is a red light that flashes from the dpi button, but other than that no signs of low battery (no jittering or mouse getting stuck or anything like that).
Anyone wants to place a bet on how much battery is in this thing still? I say it still goes one more week.
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2022.01.25 11:54 BlowAWadInHisEar Vague job titles like "associate" or "team member" are a tool used to extract extra labor from you.

Does anyone remember cashiers?
Even in the 00's, there were a few ladies who worked at my local gas station. You never saw them step out from behind the counter. Their job was to be friendly, ring up your purchases, and check ID for beecigarettes.
You don't really see that anymore. The nice older women who worked at the gas station have been replaced by an "associate" who is annoyed by my presence in the store (because they have to drop one of his 30 other tasks).
What happened to cashiers? Or stock people? Or janitors? Why does everyone have to be cross-trained in every task?
We all know the answer and it fucking sucks.
Sorry for ranting. I actually LIKED being a cashier.
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2022.01.25 11:54 -dickface I'm at burned out Bangalore Techie. What do I do?

I have about 7 years of experience in tech, working in a top tier (read MAGA/FAANG but not an NIT/IIT ian) company since 3 years, getting around 30 LPA including everything. I have saved up about around 50 lakhs now in total including cash, stocks etc. since my parents kept telling me to save up if I were to get married, which never happened since my dad and mom fought too much during lockdown and got seperated.
I am at the end of the burnout, my BP is 150/95 mm, BMI at 33, cholestrol in danger zone. I was super fit, on my way to 6 packs 3 years ago. My gf left for an abroad opportunity in 2019, and 1 day after she landed there, completely ghosted me. I understood that we were done after 2 painful months when one of her friend told me she has moved in with an NRI man there. Everything has been downhill healthwise since then and pandemic worsened it.
So, should I quit and work on myself since I have enough savings or just keep grinding and hope things will get better?
Will a career break affect my future employability and salary?
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2022.01.25 11:54 Al_C92 [Artist Store] New Canvas Poster and Metal Prints Available

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2022.01.25 11:54 Turbostrider27 Farming Simulator 22 sells 3 million units globally

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2022.01.25 11:54 EducationalCicada Given a finite alphabet, how would generate all possible strings while excluding those that don't feature an element at least once?

Say you have the finite alphabet {a,b,c,d,e,f,g} and you want to enumerate all strings of length < k over that set.
What would be an efficient way of specifying a subset of those strings that include "e" at least once?
The obvious and least efficient way is to enumerate all strings and discard the ones that don't feature the desired element, but is there a better way?
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2022.01.25 11:54 Eleniel4 ASO Paint Updates

I noticed ASO Paint has been left on Nexus as Pre Release for quite some time now. Has there been any updates on the mod or is it being hosted somewhere else? If it is somewhere else, what is the location for it?
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2022.01.25 11:54 DeeJayE2001 Is there a mod which makes an animal look like they have actually been field stripped after you take their hide?

It kind of bugs me that i am supposedly taking an animals hide and whatnot, yet they still look like they did when they were still alive.
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2022.01.25 11:54 Camdoow K1 visa, or marriage in another country?

Hi everyone,
So we just got engaged (me: French, M - her: US, F) and are looking into the best way to approach the green card application for me to live with my fiancée in the US.
The amount of information is very overwhelming, so I apologize if my questions seem silly.
It seems that the main way of getting the green card through marriage is to start with a K1 visa, get married there within 90 days, and then start the green card process from there.
I’ve read that delays are increased massively due to COVID which is a massive bummer (many of you can relate I’m sure). My question here is:
Wouldn’t it be easier to get married in France (where I live rn) and therefore skip the K1 visa, which would save both money and time, or am I missing something?
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2022.01.25 11:54 Feisty-Tomatillo-746 Who is the mysteriously big cameo who will appear in Book of Boba Fett that have been teased by the cast

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2022.01.25 11:54 SortWatts God of Fishing Novel - Chapter 1400 - A New Broom Sweeps Clean (2)

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