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So I’m training on victory road right… and…

2022.01.25 12:10 Jedimobslayer So I’m training on victory road right… and…

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2022.01.25 12:10 houseofball00ns You know what I said

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2022.01.25 12:10 Antelope4U Is this real moldavite? I dropped it yesterday and the tip broke off. The inside looks glassy and smooth (see last photo) is this what genuine moldavite looks like inside?

Is this real moldavite? I dropped it yesterday and the tip broke off. The inside looks glassy and smooth (see last photo) is this what genuine moldavite looks like inside? submitted by Antelope4U to Crystals [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 12:10 st3ban04 F por tenisson

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2022.01.25 12:10 afwubfas how can i find teammates?

i’m really struggling to find people to play with any tips to find people?
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2022.01.25 12:10 Annay2 Paid Research Study for People who have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Conditions Available Worldwide

Paid Research Study for People who have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Conditions Available Worldwide
Savvy Cooperative is looking for folks with cardiovascular, respiratory, immunology, hematology conditions, or transplants
Multiple 90-minute interviews
From home
Eligibility criteria:
U.S. and non-U.S.
Adults 18+
Has one or more conditions including;
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2022.01.25 12:10 No_Sower66 Is the online for rock of ages 1 down

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2022.01.25 12:10 Smokeytube I took away the thingies

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2022.01.25 12:10 TheRealBigweld Desktop without AMD PSP/Intel IME?

I noticed these things are disabled for most laptops but I am looking to purchase a desktop computer without the huge backdoors. Is there one available?
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2022.01.25 12:10 mmmelizzy When you're becoming more aware of how your attachment system works.... too aware.

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2022.01.25 12:10 ArrogantWhale [WTS] VFC SCAR MK20 SSR w/ Attachments and Case

VFC MK20 SCAR SSR - $400 OBO https://imgur.com/a/bYC7m3i https://www.evike.com/products/36059/
Lightly used, fielded once. Includes scope, canted ironsight with T1 red dot, suppressor, grip, sling, goggles, and whatever else I can find and toss into a box. NOTE: the ambidextrous fire mode selector on the right side of the gun decided to come off, and the gun does not go into safety anymore. I’d take it apart and try to fix the safety, but I just don’t have the tools needed anymore. If you want any more pictures, feel free to let me know.
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2022.01.25 12:10 8ro9uyxz Gibt es Leute, die tatsächlich Provision für Wohnungen bezahlen?

Was ist das für ein Rotz? Wer hat sich diesen Schoaß ausgedacht? Wenn ein(e) Verwalter(in) eine Wohnung vermieten möchte, dann soll esie bitte selbst die Makler dafür bezahlen. Die Leute haben eh schon wenig Geld, vor allem Studenten. 2BMM für eine verf***** Wohnung. Weg mit diesem Gesetz!
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2022.01.25 12:10 k_ubo WHich Vampire Masquerade game should I begin with?

Which is a good game to begin with for someone who understands the basic grasps of RPG's but knows absolutely nothing about the Vampire games.
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2022.01.25 12:10 alonetraveller3 I killed myself in a lucid dream and something really weird happened.

Hello everyone! I just woke up a few minutes ago and would like to tell you about the weird dream I had today.
First, my dreams are not 100% lucid or 100% vivid.
I'd say it's rare for me to be lucid in a dream, but it happened tonight. I was in a house, which has two floors. On the second floor there was a bedroom and a window, in which if I jumped out of the window I would fall into the backyard of the house and fall to death.
Anyway, in the house there was a woman who was my mother and a girl who was my sister. My "mother" was really crazy about something religious that was going to happen soon and that I was going to participate, and obviously it was some kind of ritual. For some reason in the dream I didn't want to go to the ritual because I felt it was dangerous. Both my mother and sister were trying to convince me to go, but I didn't.
Then my mother and sister came out of the house and said I had time to think about it, and said that if I didn't go to the ritual they would kill me. Literally.
It was then that I started to become lucid in the dream, and then I started to see everything that was happening. Immediately I knew it was a dream, and I was able to walk around the house, but without feeling anything.
So I went to the second floor of the house and approached the bedroom window, and then I looked out into the backyard to see my mother and sister gathered with some nuns in black dresses in my backyard. It was at that exact moment that I decided to jump out of the window, because I already knew that I was in a dream and that nothing was going to happen.
All those nuns and that ritual were making me very scared and I had better get out of that dream soon, and I was also curious to know what would happen if I killed myself in a dream, and then I jumped.
As soon as I jumped in, I felt weird falling out the window, like my body wasn't ready for it. I just know I didn't feel the fall, but I remember feeling it when I fell, and here comes the weirdest part.
I was dead, in the dream, but still awake. I was lying in the backyard and feeling very uncomfortable, and I soon found that I couldn't move. I didn't really feel anything, but it felt like my bones were broken. My body was broken.
And so I was feeling uncomfortable for a few seconds and then everything went dark, and I woke up.
Honestly, I have no idea why I dreamed about all this and I don't know if what happened after my death means anything, but it was very strange.
However, I'm mildly glad that I had the slightest bit of lucidity within the dream, as I really hadn't been able to for a long time.
I hope someone can help me understand what happend.
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2022.01.25 12:10 Switchibot Aztech Forgotten Gods - Release Date Reveal Trailer (March 10)

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2022.01.25 12:10 Extreme-Chip4026 Winter tires in xse

I have winter tires and wheel from an old vehicle, size of which is 235/40R19.
Can I use this in my XSE.?
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2022.01.25 12:10 LiteBrightKite Game over, man!

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2022.01.25 12:10 shibuyacrow Converting a Canadian Drivers License to Germany after 6mo. How screwed am I?

Between covid, work contract length, not driving, and having an international drivers permit... it didn't really occur to me to bother converting my drivers license. I hadn't expected to stay in Germany as long as I have, or now plan to... I'm well over the 6 mo deadline...
So, for my Umschreibung einer ausländischen Fahrerlaubis appointment... how screwed am I?
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2022.01.25 12:10 Mickleborough A gala! in New York!

New York’s gala season runs from fall (autumn) to spring - that’s like 9 months of galas.
The YouTube channel Keep NYC MegaTrash Free has noted that The Prince’s Trust, set up by Prince Charles, is to hold The Prince’s Trust Gala in New York City on 28 April 2022 (see video here). It will be chaired by Lionel Richie and Edward Enninful of British Vogue (hi, Anna), and tables and tickets can be bought. There’s no mention of RF members attending, but if it’s a fundraiser, they’ve got to send someone, right?
So will the Sussexes:
- demand an invitation?
- buy a table?
- hold a competing gala?
- ignore it? - not forgetting that they chose to ‘focus on being of service and and helping those in need instead of attending glitzy events like the Met Gala’ (so glad they made an exception for the Vet Gala (aka Salute to Freedom Gala at the Intrepid Museum, 10 November 2021).
This is like a daytime soap unfolding.
NB Keep NYC MegaTrash Free has set up a JustGiving page for The Prince’s Trust - you can access a link to it here (the same link as the video). It’s a good cause.
Disclaimer: I’m not associated with either Keep NYC MegaTrash Free or The Prince’s Trust.
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2022.01.25 12:10 Xariez Same length/cutter head, different cut length?

Like many others, I'm currently trying to get into the whole "cutting my own hair"-gig. At least for my sides, since it is very easy to just snag around with a 6mm head and look decent for another month or two.
That being said, last night I tried using my own cutter with a 6mm head. Nothing happened, and I'm sure my hair was longer than 6mm. Front image. Back image.
Contacted a good friend of mine who has another type of cutter, which I tried with as well, which did a significantly better job. However, there is also a significant head-size difference, even if both say 6mm:
Front image. Back image.
They are obviously by different manufacturers and the latter is significantly newer, but I still feel like 6mm should be the same regardless. I might be missing something obvious but any help/clarification as to why this is would be much appreciated!
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2022.01.25 12:10 Snoopdiddly Offering Donation based Tarot readings 🧿

(Reviews available on profile)I offer a variety of services on my profile, I’ve been a reader on Reddit for about 3 years, I can bring clarity to a multitude of areas whether it be love, your aura, career, etc. if you’re interested please feel free to send me a chat. (:
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2022.01.25 12:10 TheRealSlimKami Classic Golem Problem - Help needed

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2022.01.25 12:10 polaroiders Aphex Twin

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2022.01.25 12:10 SportsStar1903 Arsenal mega fan Piers Morgan slams Mikel Arteta in editorial

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2022.01.25 12:10 R4D33 Twice the pride.. double the fall.

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